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Reusable Handheld Crumb Sweeper

Reusable Handheld Crumb Sweeper

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Experience a Convenient and Efficient Cleaning Method for a Faster, More Thorough Result

Convenient Household Cleaning 

The Handheld Crumb Sweeper, with its new structural design, makes your home cleaning experience even better. The internal rolling brushes and extra trash storage space greatly facilitate the usual cleaning of sofas and floors.

Thorough Cleaning

The Handheld Crumb Sweeper has a built-in round cleaning brush with high quality, dense bristles that provide a thorough cleaning, quickly and thoroughly taking away debris and trash stored in the internal inventory space.

Easier Cleaning

The Handheld Crumb Sweeper not only saves you cleaning time by making it easy to clean up debris in one go, but the excellent holding design makes it even more hand-saving, making your cleaning process less strenuous.

    High Performance: Rolling to clean, easy to remove all kinds of dirt such as nutshell, paper scraps, etc. The brush head covers a large area, high cleaning effect.

      Soft Brush Hair: Tight and neat, safe and skin friendly, do not damage the surface of the object, can be used with confidence. Ergonomic design, easy use.

        Garbage Collection: Handheld Crumb Sweeper with built in garbage storage space, easily collect and store dirt, pet hair, debris, etc. Easy to clean, open the lid and gently dump out the garbage.

          ABS Material: Bed sheet sweeper adopts excellent ABS material, safe and eco friendly, sturdy and firm, anti impact, no deformation, stable and durable for use.

            Wide Range Of Applications: Crumb sweeper can be used to clean tabletop, bed sheet, clothes, sofa, carpet, mat, etc. Important and home cleaning supplies.

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